How to make a jump combo for a platformer

When making a platformer, it’s gameplay can benefit by granting the player some form of reward for successfully using the mechanics at their disposal. In the Super Mario games, the player is able to obtain a 1-up by maintaining a jump combo.

When the player keeps jumping on enemy heads without landing on the ground, the points the defeated enemy gives increases until each jump gives a 1-up. This mechanic in theory is easy for a player to understand and naturally gives them a chance to put their jumping skills to the test for the chance of a beneficial reward.

This project provides its own take on the jump combo by making the combo do much more than give points and 1-ups. This project will:

  • Have a jump combo that resets when the player touches the ground
  • Beneficial effects obtained by continually jumping on enemies without landing on the ground
  • Have platform collision with slopes
  • Bouncing springs that the player and enemies can bounce off
  • A persistent debug object that makes testing global variables more convenient
  • Persistent GUI objects that only have to be placed in a room once
  • Varying jump height from how long the player presses the jump key

Project file (Press Download All and run the project in GameMaker Studio)

Project video

From this post onward, there will be long periods of inactivity. The nature of producing these video game projects from making the project, documenting the project and making a tutorial video on the project takes an extraordinary amount of time to make. I appreciate every subscriber on Tyrant Haxorus and i am always working on finding something worthwhile to write about. With the advent of GameMaker Studio 2 I cannot guarantee that this and past projects made in GameMaker Studio will work with GM2. Thank you for reading. I hope my project has assisted in giving you guidance on making compelling gameplay for your own creations.


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