Petite Reviews 2

Shantae Half-Genie Hero

What’s good

  • Vastly improved graphics
  • Great soundtrack as expected
  • Entertaining and likeable cast of characters

What’s okay

  • Transformations are varied and fun to use, even though it’s mechanical design isn’t as practical as the pirate equipment

What’s bad

  • The pirate equipment from Pirate’s Curse was significantly better for speed running and casual play because it kept the player’s move set concise and could be instantly used in all manner of situations 
  • Certain transformations are redundant (Bat and Harpy, Mermaid and Crab)

Muramasa Rebirth

What’s good

  • Fantastic art style based on Japan’s Edo period
  • Delightfully fierce and stylish combat

What’s okay

  • Dodging is done by pressing down on the left stick and moving in a direction
  • Getting all the weapons and endings requires all the optional side quests for both characters

What’s bad

  • No fast travelling from save points until the post-game
  • Combat is awkward in vertical sections

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