GameMaker Studio: Kirby’s Crash Ability

In the Kirby games, one of the most powerful copy abilities is the Crash ability. When used, it wipes all enemies on screen and does severe damage to bosses. Today presents a project that recreates one of Kirby’s copy abilities at the most basic level. This project will:

  •    Create a large nova object that spawns around the player
  • Allow the player to make the nova object by pressing a button
  • Only let the player make the nova when they have max health
  • Double the player’s health upon having 1000 coins
  • Have GUI elements on the screen
  • Enemies that take large damage from the attack
  • Have the current health of the enemies show when they take damage

Project file

Project source code

Basic Crash Ability


Expanded Crash Ability


Finished Crash Ability

Finished Crash Ability.gif


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