How Tyrant Haxorus Reviews Products


Previously, my reviews have had a rating score put on them. A review score is a number that is used by critics to provide a general idea of a game’s quality. On Tyrant Haxorus, I have found that I have not put any thought into a rating score and was done simply because many critic review sites such as IGN and Game Informer use them. From this point onward, Tyrant Haxorus will no longer use review scores. This is because I feel that people decide on a product’s value and quality from what is written in a review and checking a multitude of perspectives. Review scores are a numerical summary with a mark that means different things to different people. It doesn’t take into account the whole story of what multiple perspectives were communicating.

Previous reviews will have their rating scores removed. What was written in them and the What’s Good and Bad summaries will remain intact and future reviews will not have rating scores. I always aim to provide a perspective that is informed and addresses what is right and wrong with a product. The removal of rating scores means I will not undermine my points and critique with an arbitrary number.



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