A possible solution to Overwatch’s Infinite Loading Bug



In Blizzard’s multiplayer shooter, a crippling bug can inflict players and render the game unplayable. It it’s commonly known as the Infinite Loading Loop. This bug happens when players are waiting for a game map to load and cannot get past the loading screen.

The bug breaks the game because players cannot even access training modes that are separate from multiplayer modes. It also leads to terrible effects on players as inactive players will eventually be kicked out of a match. If kicked out enough through a error players have no control over, they are penalised with a 75% reduction in experience points until their Games Played and Games Completed ratio returns to normal.

There is no absolute solution to this serious problem because the game loads an environment map while internet connections go through Battle.net’s DRM (Digital Rights Management) that verify players are connected to Blizzard’s servers. This guide shows a solution that has worked for me in my experience with the Infinite Loading loop and may work for your circumstances.

Press the Windows key

Search  firewall

Select “Allow an app through Windows Firewall”

Click on “Change Settings” (This step assumes you have administrative rights)

Scroll down until you find “Overwatch Application”

Tick the Private checkbox and leave the Public checkbox unticked

Press the “Ok” button on the bottom of the firewall screen

Exit the firewall window

Open up Overwatch and enter a training map. The map should load as normal and all games modes should not experience the loading bug. This possible fix opens up the games port communication with Blizzard’s servers.

When Private is not ticked off, the firewall prevents the port from communicating with the servers because it thinks it’s a malicious payload. Do not tick the Public checkbox because only your PC’s protocol has to forward a connection to Blizzard’s servers. You don’t want other devices finding your PC every time you are playing Overwatch.

I hope this guide helps fix your encounter with the Infinite Loading Loop. Have fun with one of the year’s greatest games.



2 thoughts on “A possible solution to Overwatch’s Infinite Loading Bug

  1. hexbeard says:

    Did not work, I’ve lost about 700 SR due to this problem since launch, and am currently waiting on an 8 hour ban to finish. Blizzard hath forsaken us, I think it’s about time to file a formal complaint against blizzard. :>


  2. Denied Overwatcher says:

    The problem still persist even though the private box for mine is already ticked even before I checked the firewall options.


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