Petite Reviews

Petite reviews is when I give a quick review of a game. It is as concise as possible while informing without going on forever.

Disgaea 5

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance_20160207142025

The fifth entry in Nippon Ichi’s popular series is the most complete game out of them all. All previous Disgaea games have had barriers that limited both casual and hardcore players. Disgaea 1 and 2 were inflexible with mastering a myriad of skills and weapons, while 3 and 4’s Forte system resulted in an overdose of Mana grinding, though well intentioned in theory.

Disgaea 5 perfectly mixes the systems of its predecessors, with its inclusion of Revenge and Squads to allow both casual and hardcore players to fully enjoy the series rock solid gameplay.

What’s Great

  • Perfect mix of gameplay systems
  • The most beginner friendly (For Disgaea standards)
  • Money Maps/Sub-classes/Chara World

What’s Okay

  • An entertaining story with an main character lacking the memorability of previous protagonists

What’s Bad

  • The series long standing camera angle issue
  • A DLC Character requires players to buy all DLC content
  • Grinding has always been made to appear fun, though it’s always needed
  • Players with great patience and dedication to grinding need apply 


Hotline Miami 1 and 2

For players that simply want pure, raw and quick gameplay, Hotline Miami is as pure as gameplay gets. While well know for its brutal interpretation of the 80’s and electric soundtrack, there is a tragic and violent story commentating on the psychological    difficulties of retired soldiers told out of order. the second game’s constant switching of characters affected by the series central protagonist is equally intense and wild as the gameplay. For players wanting gameplay solid as steel and piece together a scrambled story of bitter bloody misery, Miami is the game of their dreams.

What’s great

  • Significant replay value
  • Plethora of hidden details
  • HM 1’s masks add variety to a simple concept of gameplay
  • Excellent soundtracks
  • HM 2’s characters add a unique spin to their respective stages
  • Scattered story that is both bedazzling to follow and impossible to piece together
  • Gameplay that goes to 100 in a eye blink

What’s Okay

  • Short playtime
  • enemy A.I is delightfully exploitable
  • 1 hit = instant death for everyone
  • Quick reactions from enemies

What’s Bad

  • HM 2’s larger levels are unforgiving to new players
  • Out of order story-line can be very difficult to understand
  • HM 2 is devoid of the masks from HM 1

Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages 2011, “Rock of Ages Store Page Image”, Viewed 17th February 2016,

 Players looking for a truly unique and fun game will be right at home with Rock of Ages. Inspired by The legend of Sisyphus and sporting a goofy sense of humour, Rock of ages effectively uses tower defence mechanics with ball physics gameplay similar to Super Monkey Ball. Rock of ages is an inspired game offering a incredibly fun time for players looking for straight forward experiences that instil in their mind long after they have finished them.

What’s great

  • Effective mixture of tower defence and ball physics
  • A must play for players versed in European Mythology/history
  • An art-style with inspirations from Monty Python and Renaissance artworks
  • An enjoyably off the wall sense of humour
  • Varied levels with different possibility’s for the player and the enemy

What’s okay

  • A generously needed amount of keys for progression
  • A.I is relativity non-challenging

What’s bad

  • Winning and losing amounts to speed, not strategy
  • Very little to offer once finished
  • Keys can be difficult to get because of the core objective

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