How To Fix Connection Problem on PS Vita Content Manager Assistant


Entertainment Buddha 2015, ‘How to Get PS1 Game Saves From the PS Vita or PS3 Onto a PS TV’

(This Guide applies to Windows 10, but will likely work on Windows 7 and 8.)

When you have installed Sony’s handy Content Manager Assistant into your computer, you may find that you can’t connect your device. The most simple and straight forward way to fix this involves changing settings in the Windows Firewall. Under normal circumstances, you shouldn’t allow a piece of software to bypass the Firewall as it could cause intrusive and serious issues with your computer.

However, Content Manager Assistant is an exception because communication and information is sent and received from your personal Vita console to your computer. It is not like most software that have their information receiving blocked because they sent to out to unknown parties. CMA (Content Manager Assistant) serves the function of easily using and transferring imagery and music for the Vita and even lets you back up game data on your computer if you don’t have a PlayStation Plus subscription.

To solve the connection problem, go to:

Control Panel, System and Security, Windows Firewall.

Then click on ‘Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall’. Click on Change Settings and tick the box on the left for Content Manager Assistant.

After these steps have been done, open up CMA and go ‘Network Connection Settings’. Open up Content Manger on your Vita and select ‘Copy Content’. Choose the PC connection option and select WI-FI.

Click on ‘Register Device’ and make sure CMA on your PC has  ‘Connect to PS Vita System Using Network’ is ticked. Once that is done, CMA on your computer will generate a unique number that has to be typed in on your Vita. Type in the generated number and your Vita and PC are now connected.

I hope that the methods in this guide have been beneficial for you and please do not hesitate to point out an problem with these methods.



2 thoughts on “How To Fix Connection Problem on PS Vita Content Manager Assistant

  1. XX says:

    My psVita keeps having network problems, even though it says they’re near perfect in the settings area. It connects, the code shows; but my PSVita says the connection was lost. Any Thoughts?


  2. Anthony Sandridge says:

    My problems was simply the Windows Firewall on Windows 10. Add the apps cma and Qcma to it, they both work, and wirelessly. This was on my Playstation TV.


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