Best PC Parts websites

Building a PC is a very technical endeavor. It requires avid knowledge of what you want to aim for when planning the build and then you have to find those parts. From my time doing research on my PC building project, I have found great PC building websites.

These sites are judged on their user friendliness, variety of available components and options for scaling your budget to getting the components you need, within the boundaries of how much you spend.

(This guide is based on sites commercially available in Australia.)

1. PC Part Picker

PC part picker

When sorting out what parts go together with your build plan, no other building site compares to the excellence of PC Part Picker. They have a plethora of parts and extensive pricing charts to get exactly what you need in the limits of your budget. The part selection page has solid compatibility analyzing tools and individual parts have all the necessary configuration details in order for you to make the informed decision with your build. It’s the best PC building/research site around, with a easy to navigate design, fantastic compatibility tools and extensive filter options.

2. Choose My PC

Choose My PC

While lacking PC Part Picker’s array of filter and pricing options, Choose My PC’s simplicity makes it very effective in deciding how much you need to spend for your build. It has a detail packed article on PC parts, which is helpful for people unfamiliar with computers. The build generator is effective with tailoring the minimum viable build to a budget scale of $500 to 3000, but its parts options are focused on gaming builds. It does not take into account people needs for  building PC’s  outside gaming. If you are building a PC for gaming, choose My PC. It is extremely useful for seeing how much you must spend to meet your build’s needs, but people wanting more than just gaming will have to look elsewhere.

3. PC case gear

PC case gear

After spending hours and days researching your build, the time will come to actually buy those parts. Buying those parts will be made convenient and less stressful when you can buy them all in one store. PC Case Gear is a commendable parts site, stocking dozens of components for pretty much anything PC, right down to scanners and SD cards. PC Case Gear will be the place to go when purchasing your components.

Well, those are the sites I found from my time doing research. I hope these sites have been useful for those going through the process of researching their own unique build.


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