Roxio HD Pro and Mirillis Action Gameplay Recording: Which is the most user friendly?


Capture devices have become more prevalent in the modern gaming world. Even the PS4 and Xbox One have capture features and software allowing anyone to share their experiences.

Both consoles set a new standard for user friendliness of capture devices, and outperform most PC capture devices in ease of use and stability. The Roxio HD Pro and Action are capture devices designed for different gameplay needs. Action is strictly PC, while Roxio is for capturing 7th and 8th generation consoles gameplay. When both are put side by side, Action ticks all the check lists for a easy to use recording software while the Roxio’s shortcoming become evident in the unchecked ticks.


             Roxio’s Xbox 360’s Setup                                                                               Action’s Interface

Connection-Diagram interface-game

The most striking difference between the two is the complexity of their setups. Action is ready to go from the moment it boots up, with only the file format needing changes to either Intel Quick Sync or Nivida NVENC. The Roxio HD needs console cables plugged in, bit rates adjusted and console and picture settings also need alterations to record effectively.

The Roxio also suffers from being a capture card, rather than a standalone program. It’s cable connections make it unwieldy in most console environments. Action has no psychical setup, with its entire capacity stored on the users hard drive.

File Management

Roxio’s file storage interface                                                                              Action’s file storage interface

Roxio Video Wave Media menu

Action Media MenuRegularly capturing footage will eventually need effective file management to sort out the user’s content.  Roxio file management is standard. It allows users to put files in a specific folder on the PC with the default being the Videos folder.

Action However will have all recorded videos on the left hand side of the interface. This makes file searching effortless and is stored on the Action Videos folder. A selected file can also be exported to YouTube on the bottom left side.

        Roxio’s settings                                                                                                                     Action’s settings

Captureljlgblugluguluglglgl hjhgfdfghjkSettings on the programs are also vastly different in their flexibility to suit the users needs. Roxio’s settings options are very subdued. It allows the bitrate to be adjusted, switch inputs to HDMI or component, alter hotkeys and configurations for Twitch and YouTube live streaming.

Action’s settings options have more use for making professional content. Not only can it record video in 1080p HD, function keys allow Action to record in game audio, take screenshots and benchmarking tools. It can record the user’s webcam and have the microphone audio as a separate file to be edited for future use. The HUD also displays the game’s FPS (Frames Per Second) as the user plays, giving useful information to users testing their PC’s performance.


Roxio HD Pro Capture Card                                                                                 Action product design logo



The effort needed to install either of these programs is night and day. Roxio’s software comes in a disk which is standard for most programs. But this method doesn’t take into account PC’s without DVD drives, such as Ultrabook laptops.

Users without DVD drives will have to find the service pack on the Roxio website. It’s not clear where it can be found, and users must be a registered Roxio member to download the service pack. Creating so much difficulty over installing software required to make the capture card work leaves a sour first impression on the HD Pro.

Action can also be purchased on their official website, or through Steam. If purchased on Steam the program will be fully installed with no need for registration. The best software on the market is also often straight forward to install, and this is reinforced with Action’s install compared with Roxio’s install.


Roxio HD Pro in action                                                                                    Action in the moment

mirillis_action_player_gameplay_recording_playback 20120918-Image2_800

Capture cards have gone through a rapid evolution in user friendless, with the PS4 and Xbox One setting the benchmark all capture software should strive for. When Action and the Roxio HD Pro are compared, there is no argument over which is the easiest to use. Action is one of the best PC capture software, wielding fantastic features and high quality capture with the best interface of any capture software.

The Roxio HD Pro is a disappointment from a ease of use standpoint. It delivers with capture quality and picture enhancing options, but other settings are too basic for capture card standards. It’s final nail in the coffin is failing the fundamental basics of ease of use, suffering from unwieldy cable setups, installation that disregards consumers without DVD drives and a capture with clunky stability when the card’s in use.

Enthusiasts wanting to share the gameplay to the world need Action for the best recording experience. Console recorders know far better options exist than the Roxio HD Pro.



  • User friendly interface with fantastic feature for producing polished content
  • Performance research tools with fully customizable recording settings
  • Only limited by the power of the user’s PC


  • Offers great HD recording and picture enhancing
  • Brought down by lacking in fundamentals in ease of use


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