Luftrausers Review (PS Vita)


Luftrausers Poster Art by cryptgarden, Deviantart

Developer: Vlambeer

Publisher: Devolver Digital

(This review is based on the PS Vita version and is available for the PC and PS3)

Released in 2014, Luftrausers is a shoot em up that will make one recall the old school arcade shooters with its addicting yet challenging gameplay, and also having a distinct sepia art style. All versions of the game have highly positive reception from critics with an average score of 80 and is praised for its finely crafted risk reward factor.

The great qualities of Luftrausers is its risk reward factor and customisable air ship to let players craft their own play style. Its negatives is a lack of end game options once the missions are completed.

By observing Luftrausers strengths and weaknesses, one will know why Luftrausers is at its best on the PS Vita.



KARATERAUSER Luftrauser Artwork by AuraHACK, Deviantart

When the player starts the game, there introduced at first a standard ship and a set of missions such as defeating a number of certain enemies. Each ship part has its own set of missions and if the player defeats a particular enemy for the first time, such as a ship, or complete a certain mission for a ship part, a cut scene will play for their efforts.

Luftrausers creates thrilling game play through subtle mechanics that have a significant impact on the chaotic action unfolding.

When flying through the air, enemies will be everywhere trying to shoot the player down and from the numerous airplanes to the power house battle ships. How is it possible to survive so much chaos unfolding? It’s possible by simply not shooting with the R button and fly away.

The mechanic of ship recovery by ceasing fire and recovering while making the split second decision of fleeing to get some breathing space or shooting down more while falling into the ocean and flying back up results in an involved and stimulating experience that makes the player feel like the commander of the sky.

However, Luftrausers has a lack of content, and the extra mode SMFT, obtained when all parts are unlocked, cranks up the enemy numbers and strength so high that the player’s lifespan is in seconds, not minutes and once the SMFT missions are finished, the best parts are unlocked and there isn’t anything else to achieve. But as Luftrausers has a simple to learn level of mastery, the lack of content is a moot point as Luftrausers tremendous replay value makes it perfect for coming back to when the player simply needs a simple fun game they can put down when they had their full.



Luftrausers Wallpaper, PC Game Wallpapers×1080/luftrausers-02-wallpaper/

Based on World War 1 air fights and using a sepia art style with pixel silhouettes, Luftrausers has one of the most distinct art styles in video games released in 2014. The main theme that plays in Luftrausers is an electrifying 8-bit techno sound that changes into a triumphant blare of trumpets that creates a feeling of bravery as the player is lost within the insanity of bullet hell and exploding air craft. The music also will play alterations of the main theme depending on the air ship parts equipped, and it makes the main theme consistently terrific.



Luftrausers Wallpaper, Wallpaper Abyss- Alpha Coders

Luftrausers is one of the best indie games of 2014 with its intelligent take of the arcade shoot em up’s of the past successfully crafting a game that is ideal on the PS Vita. With an exceptional risk reward factor, play style crafting air ship and a pleasing art style mixed with pixels, it soars high into the sky carrying an almost immortal level of replay value. Even when it disappears within a growing library of games, it will come back and deliver the magnificent experience of mastering the skies.


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