Cleaning up a Windows 8 PC the right way

Some time ago, I made the decision to go to Windows 8 and ventured into the Settings menu and found this:Screenshot (1)

Now, as someone who has refreshed their computer, let me give you a run down on what exactly happens when you click on the refresh option.

The refresh option does exactly as it says, deletes files stored on the computer and won’t remove photos, music, videos and documents, which improves the computers performance. What will happen through, is that the refresh will remove all programs obtained from websites and discs. This includes Microsoft Office, the program that provides Word document and PowerPoint. (pre-installed software such as McAfee Security will stay, but to call McAfee security is pushing it.)

So basically, if you are an everyday person that has never stored the info details for Microsoft Office and internet security programs, Don’t refresh your computer. If you really want to clean up your computer, just make it your habit to just go to the control panel and delete your browsing history. If you have Steam on your computer, right-click on a game you haven’t played in yonks, and hit the “Delete Local Content” button.

Steam Delete game screenshotThere are easier and less drastic solutions in improving a computer’s performance, and often the best solution is just taking the time to delete files and programs just sitting there gathering age. Refreshing provides the benefit of cleaning up a PC and keeping the user’s videos, music, photos and documents (If those were made on Word and PowerPoint, Office has to be reinstalled to access them. Documents can also be made on WordPad) but it can be inconvenient when all installed programs are gone, especially when the average person writes most of their documents on Word.

if you decide to refresh your computer, it is vital that you have the details for all your programs so you can reinstall them without going through a product number and account activation goose chase. If you have the details for all the programs that will be deleted, a refresh is a great idea.


I wrote this entry because those of you out there who are having program troubles because you thought restarting the computer was a good plan and are frustrated should know that you’re not the only guy who made a quick decision that resulted in some missing pieces. But now you had a first hand experience with what unfolds depending on how prepared you were, you now know that the simple method of deleting internet history and program organisation will create positive results, and the refresh method provides an easy way of cleaning up a cluttered PC. It just requires you to be fully prepared with all your details for the programs you have to reinstall.


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