How to get Fallout 3 Working On Windows 8

(This guide applies to Windows 8.1 and Pro)

When someone wants to get Fallout 3 on Steam, they will find this message on the product page:

Fallout 3 Tutorial Capture 1

This means that Fallout 3 was developed on older OS (Operating System) and it makes playing it on a modern OS not possible. So, does this mean you can’t play Fallout 3 on a modern PC? Not entirely, there just a bit of technical stuff to be sorted on the games program files to get it successfully running on Windows 8.

This is where this tutorial shall show you what must be done to get Fallout 3 working on Windows 8.

1: Go to this link that leads to this site:

Fallout 3 Tutorial Capture 2

2: Then go to the file section:

Fallout 3 Tutorial Capture 3

3: You will then see this file:

Fallout 3 Tutorial Capture 4

Download the file, as it contains files that allow Fallout 3 to operate on Windows 8

4: When the file is on your download list, go to this location on your PC:

Fallout 3 Tutorial Capture 5

Then open up these PC files:

Fallout 3 Tutorial Capture 6

Fallout 3 Tutorial Capture 7

Fallout 3 Tutorial Capture 8

Fallout 3 Tutorial Capture 9

Fallout 3 Tutorial Capture 10

Fallout 3 Tutorial Capture 11

5: Then go to your download list for the bypass file:

Fallout 3 Tutorial Capture 13

The ZIP will contain these files:

Fallout 3 Tutorial Capture 14

6: Have the ZIP and Fallout 3 folders side by side:

Fallout 3 Tutorial Capture 15

Then move these files from The Intel Bypass into Fallout 3:

Fallout 3 Tutorial Capture 16

7: Once this is done, go to this website:

Fallout 3 Tutorial Capture 17

Then download the application:

Fallout 3 Tutorial Capture 18

The marketplace games for windows needs to be downloaded because it’s part of Fallout 3’s files:


The Xbox Marketplace program allows Fallout 3 to work properly on Windows 8.

8: After following the previous steps, Fallout 3 should function on Windows 8 no problem. If you encounter faults with this tutorial, don’t hesitate to let me know, and to the extent of my knowledge, the Intel bypass ZIP and Marketplace program do not affect your PC in malicious ways. And with that, take care and have a great day.


After being engulfed in the gaming heaven that is the Steam Summer Sale, I purchased Fallout 3 on a massive discount, only to find that I couldn’t even launch the game. After going online to find how to get Fallout working on Windows 8, I found that most of the guides weren’t that helpful or were hard to understand, and thought to myself that a step by step screen shot guide would be more helpful in general than looking on you tube. I hope that this tutorial has helped you launch Fallout 3 and more tutorials on technology I have figured out will be in the future.


2 thoughts on “How to get Fallout 3 Working On Windows 8

  1. Dark says:

    The torrented version is working fine on windows 8. But the one which I bought isn’t, ah being a legit customer never felt so good.


  2. Mach says:

    Man, I thought I just wasted $20 for a whole year, but because of the recent trailer of Fallout 4, I owe you so much man. Thank you, really, it is just so hard for me to put into words how grateful I am that people like you exist. Making simple guilds for simple people. Thank you. So. Much.


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