Photos From A Sony Camera


I am a bit of a photograph guy. I once got a Sony camera for Christmas and have gotten some pretty good photos over the years. And here are some of my favorite photos from this 5.0 megapixel camera, and I hope to soon get a new camera with larger megapixels:

Lonely Grown Dog ( A lot larger than he appears)


Dawn’s Beauty (got this one while in a car)


Peaceful Christmas Night (It’s always great when a camera captures a moment perfectly)


Into The Desert Peak (An artificial desert on a mountain summit for board surfing)


Pink Crown ( A capture outside my house)


Landscape Lookout (Faces a mountain range)


The Land Below ( A lucky moment resulted in this capture)


Summation: I made the decision to show these camera captures to add variety to this blog and I have a feeling that more photos like this will be more abundant in the future. While I’ve gotten pretty good results from this Sony camera (and if any of you are wondering, I have no idea what brand my camera is besides being for bloggers), I really like a new camera for better lighting options and most importantly, a higher megapixel in proper HD. (like 13 or 20 MegaPix) Despite being 5 MegaPix’s, I’ve gotten good results from this camera and more photos will come in the future.


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